Intellectual outputs

All tangible results that obtained through the development WOODABILITY project are listed in this sections Intellectual Outputs.

IO1 - Analysis of skills and transversal capacities

Step 1 ( Activity 1/2/3) : An analysis of skills and transversal capacities during the performance of tasks related to the furniture and woodworking industry. This analysis will be part of the incomes for preparing the training path, the learning content and the methodology about how therapists and other service providers will evaluate learners skills and transversal capacities.

Step 2 ( Activity 4/5/6): A research based on real life cases of how disabled people improve and acquire the skills and transversal capacities identified in step 1 while performing tasks from the furniture and woodworking sector. In this Step, therapists and service providers working in SSCD will be in charge of putting into practice the learning content with disabled people and assessing the skills and transversal capacities of each learner with the evaluation tools developed .

IO2-Complete Training Path Guide for teaching Furniture and Wooden handcrafts techniques to disabled

This output will define and analyze training paths that best match the different target groups and their needs defined. The paths will be designed in terms that all skills and transversal capacities identified in O1 can be developed by the users and evaluated by the teachers, by providing a core training path, as well as elective training modules to address the specific needs of certain techniques.

The activities to perform within this Output are directly aligned with the specific objectives SO1, SO2 and SO3 that this project aims:

Activity 1: This activity will focus on breaking down Woodability learning content into smaller and more manageable traing modules. Each skill and transversal capacity identified in outut O1 can be evaluated.

Activity 2: To create a work-based learning content addressed to service providers in general for persons with disabilities for the development of therapies based in tasks and techniques employed in the manufacturing process of furniture and wood handcraft.

Activity 3: To define a Recognition and Validation tool for the assessment of all skills and transversal competences identified in Activity1 through the learning content identified in Activity 2.

IO3 - Training content and Evaluation

This output will focus on the development of the actual training material according to the training path guide described in output 2. Each partner will contribute to the development of the learning content according to its expertise.

Activity 1: Training materials. Each learning unit include a specific learning module describing the methodology of different techniques in the forniture field, wood handcraft  and manufacturing process.Each learning units includes also an activity sheet in order to evaluate the knowledge acquired by the learners.

Activity 2: The activity includes all necessary tasks for the development of recognition and validation tools. For each unit considered in Activity 1, an evaluation form is created in order to evaluate how skills and transversal capacities for a specific unit addressed have been developed or implemented by the learner.